Thursday, March 31, 2016

issue "/usr/include/linux/errno.h:1:23: fatal error: asm/errno.h: No such file or directory" while cross-compiling


So, making this post as it did cost me more than couple of hours to figure-out what the hell is happening.

I was building some (secrete) driver for android yesterday and I needed to install cross-compile tool-chain  for same, but while installing tool-chain on Ubuntu some of the packages already installed got removed by package installer.

Next, I set up the environment for building driver and kicked the build. Suddenly I started getting following error from compiler:

I did not noticed that some package has been forcefully removed while installing tool-chain. After some Googl'ing I found the package that needs to be installed.

Just install following package and issue will disappear :)

$sudo apt-get install linux-libc-dev:i386