Monday, June 2, 2014

Linux Experience on Windows!

Yes, I love Linux and Windows too (yaah!..lets just say that!, as I use windows phone :)). Almost all engineers works most of the time on Linux and likes to fly VIM and similar editing tools. But sometimes sh*t happens and we forced to work on Windows and believe me it really feels like trapped in hell. Yes, I have been there, So here is your door to Heaven through the Hell!

Cygwin , Its your door way. It gives same experience as Linux shell. It includes most of the packages engineer/programmers need. Even you can ssh to remote Linux system using same command as in Linux shell, do you believe! and list goes long, Let curiosity be your guide!

Here are some basic instructions for setup...

1. Installation
 Download installer according to your system needs (32/64bit) and start installation.
 Just go through usual installation steps,


Choose any site to download from...
Wait for a minute...

Now you need to search packages you need and mark them for installation. 
There long list but I'll install vim for reference.
Search for it...
 Mark VIM for installation and go next...

It will find package dependencies and start downloading it, give it a time...

Click 'Finish' and installation is done.

2. Running VIM in Cygwin:
Now, go to start menu and start Cygwin. It will open shell similar to Linux shell. Your root directory will be installation directory (C:\cygwin64\)

Now, you can put your vimrc in your $HOME directory (i.e. C:\cygwin64\home\\.vimrc) and it works just perfectly.

Here is bashrc file in vim ($vim .bashrc)



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